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Outdoor Wooden Tree, Porch Swings & Tire Swings

Wood Tree Swings was founded in 2007 by North Carolina native Deron Morrow, a 67-year-old retiree with a lifelong passion for woodworking.  All of our  Tree Swings for sale are hand-crafted, one at a time, in America with attention to superb quality, safety, and durability.

Our Wood Tree Swings, made with sturdy, weather-protected wood that is  sanded and features rounded corners, strong ropes, a 30-day, money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty and are shipped within 24 hours of order processing.

Customers around the globe --- from Australia to Europe to America --- have discovered that Wood Tree Swings are the perfect gift for children, families, schools, and churches. Check out our popular Wooden Swing for Toddlers!

Wood Tree Swings has a swing for everybody: Toddlers,Kids, and Adults! Using computerized precision carvers, we can personalize your swing with names and images. Some swings are engineered with unique safety features that address the needs of select disabilities. 

Wooden Tree Swings We Offer:

  • Wooden Tree Swings
  • Recycled Tire Swings
  • Porch Swings
  • Special Needs Swing
  • Reclaimed Wood Tree Swings

Environmentally friendly, Wood Tree Swings uses recycled materials in packaging, printing and in our popular Tire Swing.

Wood Tree Swings can build a custom swing to your specifications -- size, shape, color and use. Please call or email us for a quote:
888-409-2334 and [email protected].

Please explore this Wood Tree Swings Website, examine the wood tree swings, and start your journey to a time when life was simpler and pace was slower.

The dimensions and color may vary slightly due to the hand-made nature of our items. Small differences in shape, size, color and finish are hallmarks of our craftsmanship, these differences are not treated as defects and actually make your item unique to you.


Wood Tree Swings Tire Swing Kit Everything but Tire

Deluxe Spinning 3 Rope Tire Swing Kit, We use rope rather than chain it is softer on the hands of the little ones. Rope is 100% Polypropylene, UV treated and is 100% Waterproof. work load 378 lbs and breaking strength is 3,780 lbs.

  • Wood Tree Swings Super Spinner with Free 48" Hanging Kit Free Shipping

    This has been Designed to make any 2 Rope or ...

    Sale Price: $59.00 More Information >
  • Wood Tree Swings , Recycled Tire Tree Swing Special with 10 Feet of Rope and Free Hanging Kit

    Tire Swing hand-crafted from recycled tires, with lifetime warranty. For ...

    Sale Price: $129.00 More Information >
  • Wood Tree Swings, Deluxe Spinning 3 Rope Tire Swing with 10 Feet Rope and Super Spinner

    Deluxe Spinning   3 Rope Tire Swing, This Tire Swing ...

    Sale Price: $189.00 More Information >
  • Wormy Oak Porch Swing with hanging kit

     This This is a Handcrafted Porch Swing . This Swing Measures ...

    Sale Price: $279.00 More Information >
  • Premier Wood Tree Swing

    This is a handcrafted Premier Wood Tree Swing 24 Inches ...

    Sale Price: $109.00 More Information >
  • Wood Tree Swings Disc Wood Tree Swing with 10 Feet of Rope

    The Wood Disc Tree Swing, sanded and treated with Thompson ...

    Sale Price: $49.00 More Information >
  • Toddler Tree Swing

    This is the swing for your toddlers. It is made ...

    Sale Price: $139.00 More Information >
  • Toddler Horse Tree Swing

    The Toddler Horse Tree Swing, made of pretreated Yellow Pine ...

    Sale Price: $139.00 More Information >
  • Adult Wood Chair - Patio Tree Swing / 16 Inches Wide Seat

    The Adult Wood Tree Swing that can be used on ...

    Sale Price: $149.00 More Information >
  • Outdoor Wood Chair Swing

    A Handcrafted Wood Chair Swing made from Pretreated Yellow Pine ...

    Sale Price: $179.00 More Information >
  • 48 Inch Wood Porch Swing

    A Handcrafted Wood Porch Swing made from Pretreated Yellow Pine ...

    Sale Price: $179.00 More Information >
  • Double Adult Porch Tree Swing 15 1/2 Inches Deep Seat

    This is a Adult Tree Swing , Porch Swing Made ...

    Sale Price: $169.00 More Information >