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Porch Swings

  • Cypress Larger Porch Swing with Chain

    This Hand Crafted Larger  Porch Swing is Made of Cypress ...

    Sale Price: $199.00 More Information >
  • Wormy Oak Porch Swing with hanging kit

     This This is a Handcrafted Porch Swing . This Swing Measures ...

    Sale Price: $259.00 More Information >
  • Cypress Wood Chair Swing, Larger Chair Swing, Wood Swing, Larger Adult Swing

    This Wood Tree Swings Larger Adult Hand Crafted Chair Swing ...

    Sale Price: $169.00 More Information >
  • Classic Oak Wood Large Chair Swing 22" Wide Seat

    This Hand Crafted Chair Swing is Made of Wormy Oak ...

    Sale Price: $189.00 More Information >
  • Jack Post "A" Frame Steel 5' Only WL-70Z

    Our sturdy swing frame is the perfect companion for our ...

    Sale Price: $75.00 More Information >
  • Adult Wood Chair - Patio Tree Swing / 16 Inches Wide Seat

    The Adult Wood Tree Swing that can be used on ...

    Sale Price: $149.00 More Information >
  • Outdoor Wood Chair Swing

    A Handcrafted Wood Chair Swing made from Pretreated Yellow Pine ...

    Sale Price: $169.00 More Information >
  • 48 Inch Pine Wood Porch Swing

    A Handcrafted Wood Porch Swing made from Pretreated Yellow Pine ...

    Sale Price: $249.00 More Information >
  • Double Adult Porch Tree Swing 15 1/2 Inches Deep Seat

    This is a Adult Tree Swing , Porch Swing Made ...

    Sale Price: $159.00 More Information >

Wood Porch Swings for Sale

Wood Tree Swings is happy to offer a selection of wooden patio and porch swings for sale in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Order youurs today!"

Picture this : you and your loved ones enjoying the outdoors, watching a sunset, or listening to the rain from the comfort of a handcrafted porch swing. Wood Tree Swing is happy to offer a selection of patio and porch wooden swings in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Each of our swings is handmade  from quality wood and designed to be funtional, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages! Our wooden swings selection includes a single wooden chair swing, double adult porch swings, and selections for larger adults and children of all ages, as well as customizable options to appeal to your individual taste. Dress up your porch with one of our attractive and practial wooden porch swings--the perfect touch to any home or yard!

Since Wood Tree Swing's inspection,each wooden porch swing has been handcrafted from sturdy and beautiful wood, using innovative and time-tested designs that are guranteed to give your yard, porch, and home the lovely and warm appearence you've been wanting. Shop through our selection of wooden porch swings to find a wooden porch swing design you love, and contact us for questions about personalized design, as well as accommodations for individuals with disabilities. 

Quality Handmade Porch Swings!

All Wood Porch Swings Structure  come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping! Our finishes are of good Quality and  long lasting , but are not included in the lifetime warranty.